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“Remember how the natural essence of a landscape warms your spirit; 

the way the wind can wrap itself around your soul, and the way

the sky melts from colour to colour at dawn and dusk."

Let us bring you closer to the luxury

of nature.


Come and discover one of the  secrets of nature here with us.

Since all our sheepskins are 100% genuine, they are an inherently

natural thermostatic material, this means that whether you are sitting, or resting on a sheepskin your natural body temperature is maintained regardless of the temperature outside.


We offer a wide variety of colours and types across our range that are available to purchase, or to place a special order.


Bring natural luxury to your living, work, resting or play space.


Be sure to 

Rarebreed Rating

Many of our sheepskins are inherently unique and 'one of kind'. Each Natural not Dyed Sheepskins are assigned a specific star rating, ***** being the most rarely occurring specimen. Be sure to view our online catalogue for images of our entire sheepskin collection!


Size Guide

baaa's Sheepskin Collection has four sizes.

Note that due to the natural variance in sheepskins, sizes are approximate dimensions and colours may differ from the images and samples portrayed. View our gallery for more images.

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Extra Large







Sheepskin Pads

baaa's Sheepskin Collection currently offers all the colours available in our entire sheepskin range:


These pads make for opulent scatter cushion covers or for that additional luxurious seating comfort that takes the chill out of any barstool or outdoor dining chairs. We cut two chair pads from one hide, prices differ per breed. 



Care Instructions

Ensure that you care for your sheepskin with regular vacuuming and brushing to keep the wool soft, neat and fluffy.

Dyed wool may be dry-cleaned only. Keep out of direct sunlight to minimise fading. Colour transfer may occur.

Shorn wool may be hand washed in 30 degree celsius. Use special liquid cleaner for wool on a gentle wash cycle without spinning. Stretch out the wet skin a few times and shape it a few times before drying as skin may shrink. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat exposure.  

To clean small stains or minor soiling from Long wool use a damp cloth to sponge off or you can alternatively use special liquid wool cleaner (Mix the special wool cleanser with a small amount of water and use only the froth to clean the stain).


Important: Be sure to stretch the sheepskin after any type of water cleaning to minimalise hide shrinkage and leave to dry away from direct sunlight/heat exposure. When the sheepskin is dry, gently comb the sheepskin to fluff it out again.  

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